World Engineering Day

Engineers often tell me that they are not creative. I do not believe this is true. What I do believe, however, is that engineers have a major blind spot when it comes to innovating and this can impact both their ability to come up with more inventive and resourceful ideas and their capacity to “stress test” ideas and concepts once the wheels are in motion. These are skills that will be paramount for the future of engineering.

So, what is this “major blind spot”?

Engineers are generally conditioned by the positivist paradigm whereby knowledge is objectively true or false and…


[or A perfect and topical example of how creativity loves constraints]

The US has been subject to pretty bad press lately. I think one person more than deserves it but it is acutely painful to see the population suffer … With all the attention on Covid-19, a lot of us missed the 50th anniversary on April 11 2020 of one of the most exceptional space missions ever: that of the extraordinary recuperation of Apollo 13 and the 3 men, Fred Haise Jr, Commander James Lovell Jr and John Swigert Jr. I stumbled upon it by accident when searching for my…

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“Wow, that was a good call, Scott. You managed to get agreement so fast!”

Or did he? Did the team agree or did he simply not notice the disagreement?

No body language cues.

No time allowed in the meeting to let everyone share their opinion.

No room for colliding different points of view…

Could it be that online meanings lend themselves to groupthink as opposed to independent thinking and optimal decision making? Worse: once this shut-down is over, might we have to revisit decisions that were made now because of the conditions in which they were made?

Worse: once this…

Bessi at Pixabay

A few thoughts on creating great spaces for good thinking and for calm in our virtual interactions. Because calm is contagious too.

Despite the worldwide shut-down, there is a lot of noise out there.

My online feed is inundated with people hustling and jostling for attention. This seems to be how many have opted to serve…or cope.

I find myself oscillating between waves of creative and productive energy spurred by limitations and by a determination (pressure?) to make this time count and other moments when I need to shut out the ‘productivity porn’ (1) displayed by others and shut myself away, do my own thing and think…

It occurred to me that this is a time when we badly need to be…

Like millions of others, I had projects cancelled last month and have now retreated into isolation with my husband and one of my three kids.

I believe we will get through this. I also think we will come through with a greater appreciation for our health, for connection, for abundance and for our planet. In the meantime, we will have to deal with very real concerns for our elderly or the immune-compromised amongst us, the difficult of staying connected separately and — for many of us — a loss of income.

Lots of people are already leaping into online offers…

Dare to think differently about thinking differently

© Rachel Audigé

I had coffee with a wonderful young artist-entrepreneur at Melbourne’s NGV this week who told me that his creativity is best “without constraints.” I looked at his art and stage design work and his three budding startups and had to agree that this seemed to be working for him. For many people in the organisations I work with, however, the idea of creativity being best when unrestrained and ‘out-of-the-box’ is at best a bit of a fable and at worst, unhelpful. What is really helpful is when people actually impose constraints on their…


Sorry to the Vegetarians ;-)

The 2009 film, ‘Julie & Julia’, written and directed by Nora Ephron, was available on a flight to Perth the other day and I watched it for the third time, with pleasure …and appetite. For those who haven’t yet indulged, it’s about a wannabe writer, Julie, who is at a loose end and decides to make all 500+ Julia Child recipes in just 365 days and blog about the experience. For the foodies, it’s instructive. For those who care more about characters, there are two exquisite relationships portrayed in this film. Anyway, I noticed on this third…

#De-Value Proposition

We often hear that if you haven’t said ‘no’ to something then you haven’t got a strategy.

I believe this to be true. I also think this same thinking applies rather well to value propositions.

If you haven’t got one— or if yours is vanilla or trying to be all things to all people - you have created a de-value proposition and the impact is likely to be — at best — fuzziness about why we would pick you and, at worst, an inability to attract the people you are there to serve; eroding value through lack of clarity or…

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The mind works best in the presence of reality.
Reality is Diverse.

Nancy Kline, More Time to Think.

They say that you see yourself — and others — more clearly when you travel. When I came back as a corporate expat from France after 20 years out of the country, I was struck by a number traits that seemed to have generalised in Australia.

A cluster of traits seemed to have a rather direct impact on our ability to embrace divergent thinking and this has an immediate effect on my work in the innovation space. …

Onions are a versatile and rather essential ingredient in my culinary world. They seem to be a base to many of the dishes I enjoy cooking: pissaladière, stir-fry, pastilla, parmigiana with a rich tomato and onion sauce, risotto…

The funny thing is that as I’ve sliced a lot of onions in my time and I thought I knew how to slice them…

A few years back I befriended a delightful Colombian, Ana-Maria, who is a very accomplished Cordon Bleu-trained chef. Ana-Maria had nothing to learn from me in the culinary arts but she was generous enough to agree to a…

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