…because pandemics are universal but they are also deeply personal.


I was heading out to walk our border collie, this morning, and saw my neighbour and her husband walking slowly up the street. I crossed over to greet them and while I chatted with Annie*, I noticed that Geoff was unusually quiet. …

A case for constraints in creative thinking

*I’m defining this as a tendency to believe that constraints are bad for creativity and that unconstrained or ‘out-of-the box’ thinking is more conducive to the generation of creative or innovative ideas.

BUDGET Rent a Car did a series of great ads at least 15 years ago that I think…

The case for more robust idea generation.

This article highlights a common tendency to underrate the value of starting with good ideas or underestimate the importance of having a robust system for more conscious and creative thinking at any stage of the innovation journey.

THE story of the Russians solving the problem of biros not working in space with a simple lead pencil while NASA wasted piles of money on research into a ‘space pen’ is a much-shared tale. …

Sketch from UNBLINKERED © Rachel Audigé

Skills related to innovation, creativity and problem solving are highly in demand around the world, yet when I ask a roomful of people to put their hand up if they consider themselves to be creative, no more than 20% will.

There is a prevalent bias out there that creativity is…

Bessi at Pixabay

A few thoughts on creating great spaces for good thinking and for calm in our virtual interactions. Because calm is contagious too.

Despite the worldwide shut-down, there is a lot of noise out there.

My online feed is inundated with people hustling and jostling for attention. This seems to be how many have opted to serve…or cope.

I find myself oscillating between waves of creative and productive energy spurred by limitations and…

rachel audige

Bias and blindspot buster.

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