Unification in Advertising. Task Unification in anything else.

One of my favourite ads of all time is a Coca Cola® [‘Coke’] ad created by the agency McCann Erickson in Argentina . The story I have been told is that the agency received an unusual creative brief: They had to get…

…because pandemics are universal but they are also deeply personal.


I was heading out to walk our border collie, this morning, and saw my neighbour and her husband walking slowly up the street. I crossed over to greet them and while I chatted with Annie*, I noticed that Geoff was unusually quiet. I turned to him and when I did…

A case for constraints in creative thinking

*I’m defining this as a tendency to believe that constraints are bad for creativity and that unconstrained or ‘out-of-the box’ thinking is more conducive to the generation of creative or innovative ideas.

BUDGET Rent a Car did a series of great ads at least 15 years ago that I think…

One of many quirky biases that get in the way of successful innovation

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As lean and agile methods have permeated businesses both large and small, the notions of excellence and success have been replaced by catch cries around ‘failing fast, often and cheap’.

What I’m calling ‘The Fail Fest/Fast Fallacy’…

Exploring cognitive biases or ‘blinkers’ and when we need to lose them…or when we can use them in creativity…and cuisine!

© Rachel Audigé. Illustration by David Francis.

I love cooking. So does my son. He’s a bit of a foodie. So are my two daughters who no longer live at home. My husband isn’t so much. He…

The case for more robust idea generation.

This article highlights a common tendency to underrate the value of starting with good ideas or underestimate the importance of having a robust system for more conscious and creative thinking at any stage of the innovation journey.

THE story of the Russians solving the problem of biros not working in space with a simple lead pencil while NASA wasted piles of money on research into a ‘space pen’ is a much-shared tale. …

Sketch from UNBLINKERED © Rachel Audigé

Skills related to innovation, creativity and problem solving are highly in demand around the world, yet when I ask a roomful of people to put their hand up if they consider themselves to be creative, no more than 20% will.

There is a prevalent bias out there that creativity is…

rachel audige

Bias and blindspot buster.

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